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Dentist In Columbia, SC Helped Thousands Of People Regain Confidence In Their Smile

March 20 2017 Published on #dentist in columbia sc, dental clinic columbia south carolina, south carolina dental care


Nowadays, people from all around the country turn to a dentist in Columbia, SC for help in order to be more confident, to be more pleasant to those with whom they interfere. They say a big, white, beautiful smile, makes all the difference in the world. That is why many people choose cosmetic dental procedures instead of the traditional dentistry. Anyway, it is a highly subjective form of dentistry, meaning that the dentist modifies the patient’s oral cavity and surrounding structures in the manner in which he /she considers it appropriate, respecting the patient’s state of health, too.

Cosmetic dentistry has developed very much throughout the last ten years. If in the past one could complete a procedure such as teeth whitening only in the dentist’s office, now it is possible to do at home too, being less expensive than the in-office procedure. There are many teeth whitening products, such as teeth bleaching gels, whitening toothpastes, bleaching strips, bleaching gels with trays fitted for mouth. Of course, one can also resort to the famous laser dental bleaching.

The most common form of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening, which is a periodical procedure because teeth tend to grow stained from food, coffee, tobacco, wine, soda drinks and so on. The teeth best suitable for whitening are the yellow ones, because they respond best to this procedure. At the opposite pole, there are the brown or grey teeth that might not respond at bleaching at all. A special case is the one in which a patient has tooth-colored fillings, caps, bonding, crowns, particularly in the front teeth. In such cases, dental bleaching is not wise, because it is useless and the patient would have to choose tooth veneers or bondings.

That is why, before beginning teeth whitening, you must consult your dentist and he /she will offer you advice to what concerns the best procedure for you. A tooth veneer is a thin covering of the tooth in order to hide a flaw, a bad color or a misalignment. It is a very frequent technique of cosmetic dentistry and less expensive than laser bleaching. Veneers can easily change the appearance of a bad tooth: the length, the width, the form and so on. The patient must be very careful with his or her oral hygiene: brushing the teeth twice a day, eating healthy food, namely vegetables, fruits, and of course visiting the dentist regularly.

The procedure of laser whitening, also known as in-office bleaching, it is the most expensive of all forms of cosmetic dentistry, but it is also the most efficient of them all. For example, an hour of laser costs around $500-600, but the effects of the laser last for a half year.

How does it work? The dentist applies a solution of hydrogen peroxide onto the teeth; then, the laser activates this solution for about twenty minutes. The procedure takes place three times in a session and the teeth whiten up to ten shades. All teeth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide, in different concentrations. The concentrated ones whiten up the teeth quicker. Teeth whitening products somehow affect the structure of the teeth, especially the enamel, so the patients must be very careful and full of concern with what they eat and drink.



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